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Single Origin: Mexico
Region: Chiapas
Varietal: Anacafe 14, Bourbon, Marsellesa
Process: Honey
Altitude: 900 to 1,350 MASL

Roast Level: Light
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Clove, Stonefruit

A coffee so good, you won't even need milk or sugar. But if you must, we suggest a cinnamon and cream for a little taste of Mexico in your home. 


Day of the Dead/Dia de Los Muertos is a yearly holiday celebration and tradition. It's a time dedicated to celebrate the lives of loved one that have passed on. Families will create OFRENDAS (alters with offerings) in their homes for their loved ones and place items that their loved ones enjoyed such as a guitar, a favorite book, and their favorite food. They also fill the cemeteries with flowers, candles, and foods while they sing songs and talk to their ancestors. 

It is a holiday that honors our loved ones and ensures that their spirits live on.

La Catrina serves as a symbol of how Mexican people see death and the afterlife. 

The coffee:

This coffee is produced by farmers in Chiapas, Mexico working with Cofincaf. Cofincaf operates across Chilon, Sitalá, Simojovel, Sabanilla, Yajalón, Ocosingo, and others. With a network of over 2,000 solid and trusted suppliers, covering more than 3,000 producers, Cofincaf sources high-quality Mexico SHG coffees like this Honey lot.

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